Formulate, develop, and manufacture your finished drug product – especially complex, difficult-to-manufacture therapeutics – with Halo Pharma.

With capabilities spanning differentiated finished dose development and clinical to commercial manufacturing that support the product lifecycle, we create lasting partnerships with global clients.

Take your molecule from concept to commercialization with Halo Pharma.








Pharmaceutical innovators, generics and OTC owners rely on Halo Pharma to bring their small molecule therapeutics, across a broad range of dosage forms and complexities, to market expeditiously without compromising safety and quality.

End-to-end capabilities in our two North American state-of-the-art facilities create a continuum:

  • Small-scale, design of experiment non-GMP batch manufacturing, clinical trial and registration batches; formulation, analytical method development, validation and stability services; and tech transfers and scale up
  • Manufacturing complex oral solid dose, semi-solids, liquids, sterile ointments and suppositories; integrated packaging; order fulfillment, distribution, and demand management

Customers trust Halo Pharma with nearly 120 active product development projects and more than 90 active ANDA/NDAs.


Halo is proudly part of the Normaco Group, joining Noramco and Purisys to provide customers with a complete North American-based supply chain solution covering clinical and commercial APIs through to clinical and commercial drug products.

Learn how to leverage a complete onshore manufacturing option with the Noramco Group.

What Can We Make for You?

Solids – from tablets and mini-tabs to granules, powders, and capsules. Liquids – including suspensions, syrups, and homogenization drops. Semi-solids – sterile ointments and other creams, gels, and lotions. Suppositories – in PVC hard or AL/AL shells.

But that’s not all. We’re expert at specialty dosage forms. Pediatric. ODTs. Controlled substance., Fixed-dose combinations. We produced more than 90 commercial products for 30 customers in 2023.

North American Facilities, Global Regulatory Reach

We find solutions to your development and manufacturing challenges in our Whippany, NJ, and Mirabel, Canada, facilities, providing proximity and access to leading biopharma hubs. With outstanding regulatory track records and reciprocal approvals from FDA, DEA, Health Canada, European Medicines Agency, ANVISA, and MHRA, we support sales and production to key international markets.

Here for Innovators, Generics, OTCs

More than 85 unique customers, including a growing number of innovators and “Top 10” pharmaceutical and generics companies, call Halo their CDMO. We’re here to help customers of all sizes achieve their go-to-market goals.

Lean on the Lifecycle Experts

Understanding what it takes to develop, scale, and manufacture your drug product is at Halo Pharma’s core. Our team brings years of experience and passion to each project, collaborating with customers to deliver medicines to patients in need.

Whether you have a molecule in need of development or a drug product in need of high-volume commercial manufacture, Halo Pharma is here to help.