Commercial Manufacturing

Having produced commercial products for over 40 years, we have amassed a wide array of equipment process trains and highly skilled technicians who can be trusted to manufacture your product the right way and on time.

Our compliance and safety records at our sites lessen your supply chain risk. With over 400 commercial SKUs produced per year and about 100 product families, we understand the complexity of commercial supply operations. We take pride in our OTD (on time delivery) metric of 99+%. We work collaboratively with your planning team and are responsive to changes in market demand to avoid stock outs and minimize supply chain complexity. With over 40 years of experience, and FDA (both CBER and CDER), Health Canada, MHRA and DEA (CI-CV) approved facilities, Halo Pharmaceutical can meet your product’s commercialization needs.

Supply chain management and operational planning can be performed using our fully integrated and validated SAP-EDI system which gives Halo the unique capability to manage your demand requirements though a conventional PO process or a through our Vendor Management integrated system (VMI).

Along with our manufacturing capabilities, we have fully integrated analytical and microbiology laboratories that also have the capability to develop, validate and do all necessary analytical transfers to support your commercialization needs, including annual product stability testing at all ICH storage conditions.